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Increase in search campaigns conversion rate
Increase in leads generated
Changes to the account
A leading workshop facilitation company Creative Huddle were looking to update their performance marketing strategy to optimise spend and grow customer base.
Nice and easy to deal with AlwaysFriday, very proactive approach. Results have been good.James Allen


  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Grow traffic to the website
  • Optimise conversion rates
  • Increase lead generation

The Solution

  • Switch to manual bidding strategy
  • Develop audience targeted campaigns
  • Introduce experiments to test landing pages and ad creatives

The Results

  • 77.8% reduction in cost per lead
  • 133.3% increase in leads generated
  • 121.49% increase in search campaigns conversion rate
  • 51.51% reduction in ad spend

The goals

Creative Huddle’s initial priority was to increase their website traffic and grow conversion rate. They wanted to be confident of paying the right amount for clicks and conversions, and to find out if there were any strategies they had been missing out on. The company had certain reservations around partnering with a marketing agency and were more willing to invest in the ad spend instead.

The solution

Respectful of the company’s position to have clarity about the potential optimisation ROI first, AlwaysFriday offered a free audit of Creative Huddle’s Google Ads and Analytics accounts which comprised around 50 critical setup elements. During this stage the team analysed historical data across Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Trends and Google Ads to identify critical user behaviour patterns and the account potential for growth.

The team successfully identified a number of optimisations to reduce the current ad spend without a compromise to the conversion rate. Data driven traffic analysis empowered AlwaysFriday to discover and create valuable audiences for Creative Huddle. These audiences became central to a comprehensive strategy to reach users across certain age groups and capture their intent in the very moment of their service specific search with customized ads.

To achieve scale, AlwaysFriday targeted users in specific locations and at certain hours of the day, as well as tested bidding on the best performing devices.

In total, AlwaysFriday made nearly 4K changes to the account setup and ad creatives in the first 2 months of the project.

The result

Thanks to the optimisation and scale strategies, Creative Huddle achieved significant cost efficiencies alongside an impressive 133% growth in leads generated. They have exceeded their target for clicks and conversions, and their cost per acquisition was reduced by 77.8% to below forecasted.

"The success of working with AlwaysFriday both for lead generation and cost reduction has exceeded our expectations", says James Allen, Executive Head of Creative Huddle.

With digital playing an increasingly prominent role in the industry, Creative Huddle grasped the strategic importance of online marketing across other platforms and continues to work with AlwaysFriday to leverage PPC strategy around Microsoft (Bing) and LinkedIn Ads. Looking back at how the partnership with the agency evolved and which one advice for other companies he can think of, James remarks: "Don't be afraid to pay for expertise."

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